Sam Chupp (sambear) wrote in kids_rpg,
Sam Chupp

Question for the masses....

... is it true, really true, that we are still dealing with the shadow of the late 70's, early 80's "Mazes and Monsters" crap? Aren't we past that?

There's been a Dungeons and Dragons *movie*. HASBRO puts out the books, essentially.

Surely this means something in the overall scheme of things?

Yes, I know we need to be circumspect when dealing with parents and kids. But wouldn't that be true for anything we thought to do with kids - camping, softball games, painting classes, etc., etc.? It's not rocket science - just get the parents' *informed* opinion before you play.

How hard is that? Is there something I'm missing? Am I just too naive for words?
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