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Origins Kid Room Games

Just got an email back from the kid's room coordinator. Here is a list of what he can remember `;~)

Hi! I can mention a few, if you have some in mind you can describe them, and I can tell you which they are. I will be gone for a week and a half after today, so if you have descriptions, it might take me a tad to get back, so be patient! Thanks.
Otherwise, in no order, I had KinderCatan, Bang!--Mayfair, Flea Circus--R+R, methinks--out on loan, Gouda, Gouda--Euro Games (I never can get the spelling right on that one!), Lord of the Rings--Eagle Games, Captivation--Decision, Z-Cards, Apples to Apples and Blink--Out of the Box, Eye of Horus and Fast Figure--Playroom, Phoenix--Euro, Give me the Brain--Cheapass, Once Upon a Time--Atlas.
If I didn't hit it, let me know. I had a few others on loan from the Game Base 7 folks, so don't remember the names of those, but those I list are mostly the new (for me) games from the dealers area.
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