tav_behemoth (tav_behemoth) wrote in kids_rpg,

Great idea!

My son's turning 3 on April 1 (as are Anne McCaffery and Chip Delany), so my imaginary play with him is pre-roleplaying, but it's consistently interesting to think about how "let's pretend" relates to the RPGs I played when I was 10, or 17, or 34.

One of my wife & I's parent-friends has begun playing in my regular D&D campaign, and brings her 5-year-old son. He's very interested in what goes on, but I haven't been able to integrate him very well (we often have 10-12 other adult players, so my attention as a DM is stretched pretty thin!) When we first started playing, he reacted really strongly to the speaking-for-your-character:

MOM: I am a dragon-hatched samurai...
SON: No you're not!
MOM: I kick down the door and draw my sword...
SON: No you don't!

which I guess means we didn't do a very good job of explaining what the game was like!
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