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I've got two kids, Tristan (age 4 tomorrow) and Summer (10 months). It's been fascinating to me to watch Tristan describe pretend scenes with his toys, and hold whole conversations with invisible friends, and act out little scenes for his own enjoyment. He also loves playing with his parents' dice and miniatures, and I'm positive that he's going to be wanting to play for real in a couple of years. At least until he's 13 and decides that anything his parents do is majorly uncool.

I also spent several years running a live-action Vampire game aimed at the teen crowd, with our primary audience for most of that run between 15 and 17. Originally begun as an alternative to the "adult game" (and hopefully reduce the number of 16 year olds trying to sneak into that), Second Progeny gradually overcame derision as "the kiddie game" to become one of the more popular LARPs in our area for even the grown-ups (the age range for the Changeling game which grew out of 2P is currently 14-30). I learned a lot in running that game about dealing with teenagers (it's amazing how much you do forget in a few years), and especially about dealing with the parents of teenagers, and how to construct stories that entertain and challenge people with a variety of gaming and life experience and expectations. But I still feel that I've got a lot to learn.

I'm really looking forward to sharing here. Thanks for making this community!
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