Frances Hobbes (threejane) wrote in kids_rpg,
Frances Hobbes


I just joined your community. I think this is just such a great idea. My son LOVES role playing games. As a family, we play from time to time but I was thinking of maybe setting up a kid's club in my community so that he could meet other kids who might be interested in playing. Has anyone tried this? If so, do you have any organizing tips? Some were meant to rule and some were meant to wonder how all that ruling stuff actually gets done. Sadly, I'm in the wondering category. I think it would have to be in a public setting to allay any parental fears. Maybe a public library, cafe, or comic shop would work. Maybe I should contact his school and see if they would be open to hosting a game club. I kind of have my doubts about this since so many people still carry bizarre superstitions and prejudices that stretch way back to the d&d urban myths of the 70's. Is it best to include adults, exclude them entirely, or insist they be accompanied by a child? I wonder what else I need to consider.

Ok. I might as well just come out and say it: HELP! heh
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