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Hello! Introduction n' all 8)

I just posted an introduction recently to:

But it hasnt' gone through yet 8(

I'm a 30something yo gamer geek dad (2 year old daughter). I'm also the Director of Youth Programming at a local (Portland, Oregon) con - GameStorm (www.gamestorm.org)

I'm working on a few rpg ideas for kids, but most of my material isn't online and I'm going through a few changes as I've begun to think about the game(s) more. I'll make a seperate post for this later.

A few suggestions (to sambear). Would you cross link from the yahoo group to this LJ? I'd like to see more activity on both lists.

I'd like to see a more complete listing of kids gaming up somewhere. I'll probably start one on my wiki in any case. Something that was essentially an index of games, possibly with ratings and comments. What open source system(s) would handle that?

I'd like to see more kids topics at gaming cons - possibly get a showing/influence at GenCon?
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