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Kids and Roleplaying Games (RPGS)
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This is a LiveJournal Community designed to promote kids and creative, imaginative, and interactive roleplaying activities.

Kids can start playing RPGs (roleplaying games) around 7 years and can continue on through their teens and into adulthood.

At the moment, there are no RPGs designed specifically for children, but there are many such games which are approachable by children.

This Community will be a forum for the discussion of such topics as:

1.) How do I get my kids interested in RPGs?

2.) What are the educational benefits of RPGs?

3.) How can I be an parent and a GM at the same time?

4.) What are the best games for kids?

5.) How do I address parental concerns about violence, religion, and adult themes in RPGs?

6.) What RPG products are best for children?

And more...we welcome childrens' active involvement, as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this is not a forum for the discussion of RPG video games on any platform, discussion of any software that increases the facility with which child players may play an RPG (such as PCGEN) is welcome.